Larson on mayoral challenger: “I am the better candidate for the job”

Following the announcement that former state legislator Roger Reinert will run for Duluth mayor, current mayor Emily Larson sent out a statement:

“Who leads the city matters. How they lead it matters more. Duluth needs a leader focused on solving problems. A leader with good, consistent values and personal relationships, one who has a clear vision for how we move forward together as a community, and a record of effectively getting things done. On these criteria I believe there is a clear choice in this race and I am the better candidate for the job. Our community will always be stronger when we put people over politics, work hard, stay focused, and deliver results. I’m proud of our successes already and I’m committed to continue building a better Duluth, together.”

Emily Larson is seeking her third term as mayor. She was elected Mayor of Duluth in November 2015 with 72% of the vote and inaugurated on January 4, 2016 as the first woman to hold the office.