Braver Angels Alliance hosts Firearm Discussion

Braver Angels Alliance hosts Firearm Discussion

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The Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin chapters of the Braver Angels Alliance held an open discussion regarding how the state of Minnesota is handling firearm regulations. The event was held at the Bent Paddle in Duluth on Sunday.

“I believe that in America we need to talk across the aisle, across the backyard fence, to our neighbors and the people in the store. And so, this is an organization that helps us build skills to do that. So, I like to support any organization that promotes civil dialogue within our population,” said Alan Finifroch, alliance member.

The notable topics included the four new legislations involving firearms. Those include the banning of binary triggers, the increase of punishment to a felony for straw firearm purchases, stricter firearm storing requirements, and the requirement of all firearm owners to report missing or stolen firearms within 48 hours of noticing.

Binary triggers are specialized firearm triggers that work to shoot a bullet when the trigger is squeezed back, as well as once the trigger is released. Normal firearm triggers only allow the gun to shoot once the trigger is squeezed.

Previously the punishment for purchasing firearm for someone who was prohibited from purchasing one for themselves was a gross misdemeanor, now the punishment will fall under felony status.

The discussion was led by moderators, and two members of opposing opinions were able to have two minutes to speak on the topic, then the group was allowed one minute to ask questions before the speaker had a minute and a half to respond. To prevent heated arguments, questions were asked to the moderator instead of the speaker.

“The workshops run the gamut, but basically, as John said, they’re helping people develop the skills to have these conversations about difficult topics that tend to divide our country and to just be able to stay open and see what you can learn from another person,” said Mary Adams, alliance member and co-coordinator for the event.

The local alliance hopes to plan events for every other month on varying topics, but those interested can take workshops through Braver Angels.