The COGGS Enduro series creates unique mountain bike opportunities for all skill levels

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High school senior Thomas Allison is actively involved in the mountain biking community, from working at Ski Hut to participating in the COGGS’ Duluth Enduro race series

“Enduro is kind of a combination of cross-country and downhill mountain biking,” Allison explained. “Each stage is primarily a downhill trail, but you’re pedaling in between each stage, so that adds an endurance factor to it. So it’s a little bit longer and more of a physical bike race than downhill.”

This year’s Enduro series began at Hartley Park on Tuesday, with at least 50 participants. 

“We got a new timing system this year. The race runs a lot smoother. Everyone gets their results now,” said Allision. “It’s just a really great time. Everyone’s out there sharing their passion for bikes.”

The Enduro races are free. You just have to be a member of COGGS, and all skill levels are welcome. The seven races will be spread out over six locations in Duluth this summer. 

“We basically do enduro races at all of them, all of our trails systems have trails that are proper for that,” said Allision. “Spirit and Piedmont are definitely our most gnarly and gravity-oriented areas, though best for Enduro.”

With so many mountain bike trails in the area, alongside opportunities like the COGGS Enduro series, Thomas has gotten experience that is hard to find in the region. 

“In the Midwest, there’s very few spots that have mountain biking. So being able to be in Duluth and have all these different trails is really unique,” he said.  “And now I’m excited to head out to Colorado this fall and race for Colorado Mesa University in Division I Mountain Biking.”