The Oscars spark film industry job talks in the Northland

When it comes to the Oscars there may be all the glitz and glam, but does it really get the chance to represent everyone who works in the industry?

Dave Stocke, Board Chair of the Upper Midwest Film Office, says, "When you are watching the Oscars one thing to keep in mind is what a small percentage of the actual industry is being represented at the Oscars."

Stocke says the industry is much bigger than what is advertised on the Oscars. And that also opens the door for hundreds of job opportunities.

“The film industry or the content industry as a whole is absolutely mammoth, but man there is so much more to it than what is just going on at the Oscars. Especially when it pertains to what we are trying to accomplish here”, says Stocke.

The Upper Midwest Film Office is trying to bring in more filmmaking jobs to the Northland. Using incentive programs to help with filmmaking finances. St. Louis county; getting the ball rolling with an incentive program that is currently getting a lot of traction.

"And just putting that out there we got so many inquiries about shooting up here. But then there is some infrastructure that we need to have happen and the workforce really needs to be trained."

The program working with different schools and institutions to hopefully get more Northland representation at the Oscars. Duluthian actor Daniel Durant being the biggest representation of the Northland at the Oscars right night. Performing in the Best Picture nominated film CODA.

Dave says, "There is nothing more exciting to hear Duluth being mentioned on the biggest stage of film and we want more of that."

Although the Northland can’t produce billion dollar film projects. There is the capability to produce independent films like CODA.

Dave Stocke explains saying, "What we are capable of doing right now is bringing in smaller films. Like we can’t bring in a Marvel movie [but] CODA is a small film. We could have done that one.”

“Small movies like [that], that we can do, can be represented at the Oscars”, notes Stocke.

And with so many Artists in the Northland that are eager to work on a film the possibilities are endless… maybe a Northland film could even get a Best Picture nomination in the future.