The first day of spring becomes the warmest day of 2022

Today was the day to get out and about in Duluth with the first day of spring bringing in temperatures in the 50’s.

"It’s a lot better than when it was negative 50 or negative 20 out this January that’s for sure”, says Rochester native Garin Tavies.

Many people come up from southern Minnesota and the cities to visit Duluth Sunday because of the warm temperatures.

Mark Jesh says, "No coats, it’s a nice breeze, beautiful sun. It feels great." Him and his wife Lynn were watching the eagles on Skyline Parkway.

Many community members were out on that road either walking, jogging or biking like Duluthians Bob Stubenvoll and Jane Clements.

"We are seeing our friends we’re getting exercise on the bike we’re having a great day”, says Bob.

Sunday’s temps have been the highest on record. Making the first day of spring the warmest day of 2022 so far and the warmest temperature since November.