Spring Break and Summer Vacation Traveling Plans

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As that time of year is approaching with spring break and summer vacation, the decision to drive or fly with rising gas prices will be on the minds of most people.

Shall we fly or drive is the question that some people will be deciding on as those summer plans start to form. With the price of gas right under four dollars a gallon and flight prices fluctuating depending on when you book your ticket, some vacation destinations could be longer or shorter.

"A lot of people are opting more for 10-day trips or two-week trips if they are staying in the states, says Schaub. Like if they’re doing say New York City and Washing D.C. in the same trip, they get it all done at once." Nicole Schaub is the owner of Fun and Leisure Travels.

Some travelers have started having either a plan A or B on getting to their vacation destinations. Nicole has noticed that some travel plans have been shifted, leading people to consider other methods. “Some airlines right now are canceling flights. That’s the talk right now. People are looking at that plan B to drive if their flights are canceled."

As gas prices sit where they are, flights prices depending on where you are going can sometimes be higher than before. Some people are looking to travel one-way verse the other way.

“A lot more people are flying just because it’s like, oh! It’s almost going to cost me the same, but I have to be in the car for two days,” Schaub said. And if you want to get away but at an inexpensive price tag, considering a stay-cation could be an option.