Shrinkflation in the products you buy at the grocery stories

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You may have noticed that prices are going up at the grocery store. But you want to keep an eye out because some brands may not have increased in price but have decreased in size. It is called "Shrinkflation." It is another way of getting consumers to pay the same while getting less.

Prices on our everyday items have increased! "Even simple things like bread and milk, said Theresa Kleczak, a Duluth resident. The everyday things that you have, I think I noticed the price increase in just about everything from meat to produce."

Some household and food products have changed recently. Even shoppers have noticed these sizes changes for a while. "Well, it’s been going on for quite some time. They started doing that maybe three or four years ago. But now we see it more, said Duluth resident Ken Urickson. I noticed it earlier in the store. I was picking things out, and something I picked up and looked at and said, maybe I do not need them this badly!”

When it comes to getting those meat products, Beua Rader, a meat cutter at Superior Meats mentioned that the amount you get hasn’t changed that much. "It’s about weight, so everything that we’re getting is by weight. So, it’s not like your losing that 85 cents to a dollar or nothing like that. Prices are going to fluctuate. The size of the product is going to fluctuate, but we haven’t seen any loss of anything.”

For shoppers like Superior resident Dennis Edwards, the price has increased but not the amount of the product. "The same amount for a higher price is what I founded. The same amount, if I get a pound of burger, it’s going to cost me more than four something, it’s going to cost me around five something now." As you are out grocery shopping, take a double look at the product you are getting.