New York shooting suspect has Milwaukee address

NEW YORK – Authorities have arrested a man wanted in an attack on a subway train in Brooklyn that left 10 people wounded by gunfire. Investigators had announced Tuesday afternoon that they were searching for Frank R. James, who was believed to have rented a van possibly connected to the violence.

By Wednesday morning, New York authorities said he was a suspect in the shooting itself. He was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon. James has an address in Milwaukee.

On Wednesday, New York Mayor Eric Adams named 62-year-old Frank R. James as the suspect being sought. Police had earlier called James a person of interest in the attack in which 10 people were injured by gunshots.

Police believe James rented a van possibly connected to the violence. Authorities were examining social media videos in which the 62-year-old decried the United States as a racist place awash in violence and sometimes railed against Adams.

ABC affiliate WISN-TV reported that a news crew observed federal agents speaking to a person Tuesday night at a Milwaukee address associated with James. The station reported that a note taped to the mailbox at the house, said to be from Frank James, asked all mail to be delivered to a post office box.

News coverage of Tuesday’s shooting showed a bag with fireworks believed to have been left behind by the shooter. On Wednesday, Phantom Fireworks issued a statement saying that four of the fireworks seen in the bag appear to be the same as items purchased by Frank James at a southeastern Wisconsin store last June.

Police have said James also has an address in Philadelphia.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.