New changes coming to the UMD Athletics Bands

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Students are Uncertain as the UMD athletic bands are about to go under reorganization. The university has plans to turn it from more of a course into a student organization. And with that a decrease in funding.

"It’s definitely nerve-wracking,” says Junior Sophia Fenske. She was upset that this was another arts program at a university that underwent a budget cut.

She says, "It’s something that we’ve always looked on and been like oh you know-. but it’s happening here now… and it’s upsetting."
Students becoming nervous, as the program has become a new home to them.

Freshman Ben Carpenter says, "I didn’t have a marching band when I was in high school and so having UMD marching band is such a great experience.”

UMD spokeswoman Lynne Williams says, “It’s also very common for your athletic bands to be under the student organization part of your institution. So this also aligns with what a lot of our peer institutions do.”

Many students are hopeful to the situation. As sticking together will get them through the uncertain times. Sophia Huf says, "But it’ll still be the marching band and we are still going to have our family with us and we are still going to be able to make all those awesome memories.”