Michigan diaper tax repeal gets chucked from the House

Legislation to repeal the sales tax on diapers has not received enough votes to pass the Michigan state House.

After the tampon tax got repealed last year, legislation was introduced to eliminate the sales tax on diapers for adults and children. But a vote to pass the bills failed Tuesday.

Bill sponsor Rep. Julie Alexander said in a news release after that the vote lets down Michigan families who will continue to face the added cost on necessary hygiene items. Alexander, a Republican, accused Democrats of flip-flopping for supporting the tampon tax repeal but not the diaper tax repeal.

"Many supporters of the other plan decided to oppose a tax cut on the diapers and briefs that young families and seniors need," she wrote.

The legislation was split over two bills that failed 54-49 and 53-50 in the House, where Alexander’s party is in the majority.