It’s National Siblings Day, time to show your siblings some love!

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If you have siblings, I hope you spent some time with them today as it is National Sibling Day! It’s one thing to grow up with your brother(s) or sister(s), but imagine if you all worked together. That could be a little tricky, or it could be fun.

Cassandra Beardsley and her sister Larissa Hubbartt both work for St. Luke’s. These sisters are not the first in their family to have ties with St. Luke’s. "Our mom and aunt both graduated from the St. Luke’s School of Nursing here,” says Hubbartt. Larissa Hubbartt is an ICU registered nurse and has worked for St. Luke’s since 2005. Cassandra Beardsley is the Executive Director of Wilderness Health and has worked for St. Luke’s for nine years. Cassandra is eight years older than Larissa.

For Cassandra, it’s easy to tell people what her sister does, but for Larissa, it is hard to describe with her big sister does for a living. Cassandra shares what her job title includes. "I work with nine independent hospitals in Northeastern Minnesota, and we work on capacity building, said Beardsley. So, things like what we need to do for the future to be successful for patient care."

Some would think that working with your sister would be a little nervous but not for these two. “Yea, we do not talk about business, about work stuff. We have vastly different roles. If you ask me to help a patient, that would not be a good thing, but you know, I can zoom like nobody’s business,” stated Beardsley.

Along with these sisters, there is another sibling set that works for St. Luke’s in Ashland, WI. Amanda and Anika Whiting both work for St. Luke’s Chequamegon Clinic. Amanda is a physical therapist, and Anika is a physician assistant.

"It’s been really fun to have her here and to have patients that she’ll refer to physical therapy. I’ll get to see them, and they’ll say, "oh I saw the new pa at your clinic, and she’s so nice, says Amanda. Then being able to be like, "oh, that was my sister," and a lot of patients seem to enjoy that.”

Having good co-workers is one thing but working with your sibling is on a different level. "All the co-workers here are awesome, and everyone is super great and willing to help with any questions, said Anika. There is just another level of comfortability though being able to run down or shoot each other a quick text or a quick email, or something.”

From these conversations we conducted, it looks like there is a good relationship between these siblings.