Is a major push back coming for social media?

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Elon musk is set to become the new owner of twitter, causing some critics to share concerns about the purchase. Also prompting a few to say they are leaving twitter.

This controversy for Twitter now adding to the long list of negatives social media has gained over the couple years such as body image issues, misinformation, and cyberbullying.

"There was a lot of talk that about just how great it was. Which more and more students are coming in with skepticism about that claim”, says UMD Associate Communication Professor Ryan Goei.

So with all the bad things about social media why do we still have it? Well it’s due to our habits and how addictive it can be.
Goei says, "Humans are habitual and because we spent so much time online, we’re going to be spending even more time online."

Many sites invest in the addictive nature to keep them on top as social trends are always changing. “The most important thing there is that it changes really fast,” says Goei.

He notes, “Facebook was the thing until seven years ago maybe until it was replaced where the younger generation moved into snapchat and Instagram. And I don’t even know where the next place is going to be."

UMD The professor says that there is a beginning of a social media push back with more of his students realizing the addictive nature of the medium and the importance of in-person communication.

But he says, “It would have to be a massive push back. A bunch of students are telling me ‘I see that I’m addicted’ but still most them are not saying ‘I want this thing out of my hands.’”