Accident diverts traffic on I-35 in Duluth

One person was injured in an accident on Friday near the 27th Avenue West exit in Duluth. A portion of Southbound I-35 in Duluth was closed at around 1 p.m. and traffic was diverted while crews cleared the scene.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, a Ford Edge was traveling Southbound on Interstate 35 when it hit the crash cushion at the 27th Ave. West exit. Authorities say the Ford Edge then hit a Grand Cherokee and pushed the Cherokee into the concrete wall.

Police say the driver of the Ford Edge was taken by ambulance to a Duluth hospital. No word on the drivers condition.

Traffic was stopped until vehicles were diverted up the offramp at Exit 254, crossing 27th Ave West, then back through the on-ramp to I-35. The area was cleared and traffic was returned a short time later.