Summing up summer 2023 in the Northland

August is behind us, and overall, our temperatures were very average. The mean monthly temperature for Duluth was only 0.1° on the warm side. Precipitation on the other hand, was more noteworthy. We were 2.05” below normal.

This pairing paints a good picture of what played out across the summer. The mean temperature for all of June, July, and August was 0.2° above normal, but precipitation was behind by 4.87”.

We brought in a total of 7.17”. This is not a record by ay means. In 1936, total precip was less than half of what we got this year at 3.49”.

The summer rain deficit accounts for June, July, and August, but if we go back as far as May, we have even greater of a deficit across the Northland.

From May 1 through August, Brainerd is 7.79” below normal rainfall. Duluth has a deficit of 7.44”. Hibbing is a touch better with 6.66” behind average, and Ashland is similarly below normal by 6.4”.

International Falls represents part of the region that has faired better since May, but has still been dry with a deficit of 3.58”.

As for an outlook into September, unfortunately, the Climate Prediction Center has the Northland leaning below normal precipitation and above normal for temperatures.

It could be a warm and dry month overall, and that’s certainly how it’s starting off.