Did allergy season ever really leave?

Allergy season, did it ever go away?

Dr. Dylan Wyatt tells us that the allergy season this year was heavily influenced by our unusually warm temperatures. He says allergies may not have ever gone away!

Dr. Dylan Wyatt with St. Luke’s joined us to give some insight into this year’s weird winter season. Another effect of that he says, is a year-round allergy season.

He says that because of the lack of snow, the ground didn’t freeze enough to suppress moisture causing allergens to loom. There are a couple of other factors that will continue to play out with the season. Dr. Wyatt notes that the direction the wind blows also has an effect on the way that allergies are experienced.

There are things you can do to help mitigate some of the symptoms. Dr. Dylan says to make sure you are keeping your house clean. Specifically, keeping pillowcases, sheets and curtains clean can help,

He also says that taking over the counter medications can help with easing your symptoms.