Two Harbors mayor candidates are decided

The recall of former Two Harbors mayor Chris Swanson dominated the city’s political landscape last year.

On Tuesday, voters narrowed down the candidates to become their next mayor.

Of the four candidates running, the two receiving the most votes tonight are…

Robin Glaser with 289 votes and Lew Conner with 194 votes.

Glaser is a long-time Two Harbors city councilor and a has been two-term Two Harbors mayor in the past. She is currently serving as vice-president of the city council.

Lew Conner is a retired educator and current president of the north shore rotary club.

They defeated challengers Jay Cole and Jill Louise Simonson.

Glaser and Conner will be moving on to a special general election on Tuesday, April 11 and the term will run through January of 2025.