Staying Safe while enjoying time Ice Fishing

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Having fun, making memories, and catching lots of fish are some things that can happen when people go ice fishing. One of Minnesota’s favorite activities is quickly coming to an end. With ice melting, anglers have limited time to get out on the lake and get those last winter catches.

While fishing, safety is the top concern for a lot of people. Whether it is near the shore or out on the lake is a priority. “So, you always want to wear your safety gear, make sure you have a floating suit, picks around your neck in case you go through, go with friends, and always have a rope handy," said Russ Francisco, owner of Marine General.

Some areas can be tricky when locating the best spot to set up. With warm weather and snow melting, double-checking those areas you want to fish in is making sure that the ice is thick.

"I watch each day as the ice forms, and I can see a patch of ice here for multiple days, so I know its gaining ice thickness. You can test by going out with a chisel and chiseling through it. If you breakthrough right away, then it is too thin,” said Duluth resident Chris Hasty.

The key factor to keep in mind when out fishing is being aware of your surroundings. Along with checking on the thick or thin the ice is, checking what direction the wind is blowing in.

“If you are going to be out there away, you got to pay attention cause if the wind switches, says Russ. It takes just a second, and all of a sudden, you have no way to get off. You are going to go for a ride, and some people are going to have to come and get you."

As the season comes to an end and you still have the urge to get some last-minute fishing in, going in between 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. is some of the best to catch those fish.