Fire Prevention Week Continues

Fire prevention week continued in Duluth today. With the winter months coming, the Duluth Fire Department urges community members to use caution when using space heaters.

It is advised to keep the heaters away from flammable objects that could catch on fire. Those objects include blankets, clothing items, curtains, etc. It is also important to keep them in a location where a passerby will not trip over the heater or knock it over. Fire marshals say that it would only be a matter of minutes before a space heater could start a fire.

Additional fire hazards to be aware of during the winter season are Christmas trees. If you are buying a natural tree, it is advised that you buy from a tree lot. Once you take it home, it is recommended that the tree be watered regularly and that it is kept away from anything flammable, such as fireplaces. Also, avoid using candle decorations on or around the tree.