Earth Day: Esko students clean up Chub Lake park

Earth Day: Esko students clean up Chub Lake park

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You may have seen lots of folks out picking up trash on Monday. It was was Earth Day and a number of organized community clean up events were going on all across the northland.

Students in the Esko bass fishing club joined in on earth day clean up activities. There are about two dozen 6th through 12th graders who compete in Minnesota bass fishing tournaments throughout Minnesota, sophmmore Chase Walz is one of them.

He says fishing club kids are always on the look out for trash, not just on earth day.

“If it gets on the beach, it can get into the water and can effect the fishing and fish. Especially the animals we don’t want them getting in the garbage and all that kind of stuff.”

Chase told us he and his fishing club members are always on the look out for trash. “Whenever I go fishing I always bring a garbage bag and if we see something we pick it up, it gets it out of the water and it keeps away from the fish.”

The Esko bass fishing club showing all of us that team work makes the dream work when it comes to keeping our communities clean.

Thanks to everyone who did clean up work on earth day, and everyday!