STARBASE 2.0 gives students a chance to explore so much STEM at Lincoln Park Middle School

STARBASE 2.0 launched at Lincoln Park Middle School

A look at how STARBASE is making a difference for older kids as well.

STARBASE 2.0 has launched in Duluth, and gives students at Lincoln Park Middle School a chance to flex their STEM skills after school.

Instructors from STARBASE create the lessons each week.

“We meet Wednesdays and Thursdays,” shared Clara ‘Rodeo’ Churchill. “And we do a variety of different STEM activities with the kids. If a student has ever been to STARBASE in fifth grade, it’s kind of like an extension to that for middle schoolers. We do robotics, computer-aided design, some biology, forensics. And now the kids have built trebuchets, and they’re launching different counterweights.”

Students are enjoying the variety. Gaby Stratioti, a 6th grader, told us, “I think it’s like a really good learning experience. You get to learn about STEM. And you get to try new things. You get to meet new people so you can learn to make new friends. And it’s really good for social and for academic.”

She especially liked the lesson that included live turtles!

Volunteers from companies like Enbridge come in and help as well.

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