Residents learn more about future N 40th Ave West renovations

Residents learn more about N 40th Ave West renovations

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West Duluth residents learned more about the future road renovations at a public meeting with St. Louis County Monday night. The future renovations are along N 40th Avenue West and at the intersection at Grand Avenue.

Vic Lund, the Traffic Engineer with St. Louis County, said transparency with the project is the key to moving the renovations forward.

“When we talk about a reconstruction project, that means we’re not going to have any major impacts for decades. So it’s a one season construction,” Lund said. “In fact, it’ll be very impactful, but it will last decades for the benefits. The two top issues right now that we’re hearing is mobility for all users and safety.”

Lund said the reconstruction will most likely begin in the spring of 2026. In the meantime, people still have a chance to help in the decision making for the 40th Ave W corridor project.

“There’s a third meeting yet to happen probably in April. We want to have that ability to again dispel the black box perception and make it as transparent as possible. We want folks to understand how we got from A to B,” Lund said. “One of the things that I like to tell people, too, is that you may not necessarily agree in every aspect, but at least you understand how we got there.”

The next public meeting people can attend for the N 40th Ave West corridor project will take place in April. Residents can learn more information about the project here. Although for other stories with St. Louis County you can read more here.