Duluth awarded ‘Plowing for Pizza’ grant

Domino’s has set out to award half a million dollars across 20 cities to support snow plow efforts in some of the snowiest cities across the United States. Duluth has been picked to receive $25,000 of this grant.

Duluth was picked as one of twenty cities after being nominated on Plowingforpizza.com. With this nomination, Duluth will also be on the Plowing for Pizza website with pictures and videos of the snowy conditions.

“At Domino’s we’ve made delivery cars with warning ovens built in, paved roads to get your pizza home smoothly in perfect, hot condition, and offered pizza insurance for when that goes awry. To us, nothing should stand in the way of getting a delicious pizza, including snowy, cold weather. So yes – you heard it right: a pizza company is actually helping to plow roads.”

Joe Jordan, Domino’s president of U.S. and global services

Alongside the grant, Duluth will also get a winter-themed Domino’s Plowing for Pizza kit with winter hats, scarves, snow measuring stick and sign, vehicle magnets and other themed items, including $200 in Domino’s gift cards for plow drivers can get a hot pizza after work.