Delta Air Lines employees in Chisholm get profit sharing payout on Valentine’s Day

Profit sharing party at Delta Air Lines in Chisholm

Delta paid out $1.4 billion in profit sharing on Valentine's Day, which called for a party in Chisholm.

A sweet Valentine’s Day present for Delta Air Lines workers in Chisholm, and it had nothing to do with candy.

The workers received profit sharing that’s equal to about an additional month’s pay.

For Amy Carlson, who’s worked here since 1996, it means she can spoil her new grandson, Carter. “It’s also nice to have some extra, and then maybe take a little trip.”

She said the culture has kept her here all these years.

The company hosted a celebration on Wednesday. Nachos, cotton candy, and popcorn helped round out the fun.

“There’s been a lot of excitement,” Carlson said. “It’s nice for work from home people, to come and celebrate together.”

More than 300 people work out of the Iron Range facility, with about half working remotely.

This is part of the $124 million dollars being paid out in Minnesota. In total, the company said they are doling out $1.4 billion dollars from the 2023 profit sharing.

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