Bear attack leaves woman seriously injured

The Minnesota DNR says that a woman has recently been released from the hospital after being injured by a black bear near Nisswa, Minnesota early Friday morning.

Authorities say The woman was staying at a cabin near Gull Lake and let her dog outside shortly after midnight. She went into the yard to check on the dog and that’s when the bear swiped at her, striking her in several places. The bear left the immediate area after the incident.

The woman’s injuries were serious but not life-threatening.

They’re had been no prior reports or complaints of bear activity in the area. And the Minnesota DNR wildlife staff believe the bear was startled by the dog in the middle of the night.

DNR conservation officers are monitoring the area for bears that may pose a threat to public safety.

The DNR says Black bears are rarely aggressive and attacks on people are uncommon. Since 1987, this is the tenth bear attack involving serious injuries to a person that the DNR has documented. None has caused human death.