Severe Thunderstorm Terminology

Severe thunderstorms are storms capable of producing 1” in diameter or greater hail and could have winds at or greater than 58 miles per hour. Tornadoes are possible during severe thunderstorms.  A Watch or Warning will be issued when needed.

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH:  Conditions are favorable for severe thunderstorms to develop within the watch area through a set timeframe. Prepare for quickly changing weather conditions. Check weather conditions frequently.

What should you do during a Severe Thunderstorm Watch?  If time allows, move property such as cars into a garage or under shelter as well as secure any objects that could easily be tossed by the wind.

  • Identify your safe space in the event of severe weather.
  • Review or make a Severe Weather Safety Plan.
  • Watch the WDIO Storm Track Weather forecast closely.

Download the WDIO App and allow push notifications to receive severe weather alerts.

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING:  A severe thunderstorm has been spotted in your area, or radar indicated and will impact those in the warned area.  If you are in the warned area, you need to seek shelter immediately.

What should you do during a Severe Thunderstorm Warning?  

When at Home:

  • Follow your Severe Weather Safety Plan.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • If necessary, seek shelter in a basement or lowest level of your building.
  • Crouch down and cover your neck with your hands. 
  • Get under a piece of sturdy furniture if possible.

If caught Outside:

  • Seek shelter indoors.
  • If you can’t move indoors, seek shelter under a sturdy location or vehicle.
  • Do not seek shelter under a tree.
  • Stay in a car if you can’t find a sturdy location or building.
  • The car will provide some protection.
  • Cover yourself to protect yourself in case glass breaks.