Up North: The Caddy Shack helps golfers stay loose during winter

Up North: Caddy Shack helps golfers stay loose during winter

Up North: Caddy Shack helps golfers stay loose during winter

When the winter comes in Duluth, golf courses around the area close for the season. Many golfers go through the winter without getting their swings in, making for a slow start to the season.

The Caddy Shack Indoor Golf and Pub in Duluth takes care of that, with golf simulators open all year.

“You can just drive, or practice your chip, or, practice your putting, or we can go do a full course, we can go to St. Andrew’s, I can take you to Scotland, or maybe we want to go to New Zealand. So we have courses from around the world and give you that opportunity to maybe experience or try something like Pebble Beach that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to or pay at $700 to golf at Pebble Beach. It’s only $50 an hour at my place,” said Stephanie LaFleur, the owner of The Caddy Shack.

In just moments, it was possible to play at Pebble Beach in California, without leaving the confines of the building.

But The Caddy Shack offers more than just playing 18 holes. They also offer golf oriented activities, such as different games to play, like an Angry Birds style competition.

Because the winter months are so long, the warm weather becomes more cherished. For The Caddy Shack though, they’ve found ways to adjust.

“We’re also a live music venue, so we’re very good at changing hats,” said LaFleur. “We’re still open in the summer, but usually you won’t see it busy until it rains. When it’s raining, that’s when they [golfers] come inside, which I totally get. I wouldn’t want to go from the rain.”

The Caddy Shack also offers more activities, like a private karaoke room and a shooting simulator, which uses real guns with the firing pin taken out and replaced by high tension lasers.

The Caddy Shack runs fall, winter, and spring leagues for their golf simulators, and signups can be found here.