Up North: Shoot for Fun celebrates 25th anniversary

The beginning of September marks multiple things, including the beginning of school, the start of fall, and the Shoot for Fun Event at the Old Vermillion Trail.

The Shoot for Fun event celebrated its 25th year in existence on Saturday. The event, which partners with Northland Adaptive Recreation, gives all people with disabilities the chance to participate in sports and recreation without any limitation.

“Trap shooting is an equalized event, meaning that, yes, there’s a competitive opponent to it, but everybody on the team always has an opportunity to be able to play and be an active part of it,” said first year volunteer Victoria Duenes. “So it’s not like anybody’s getting benched or getting kept off to the side depending on what their skill level is.”

While some events offer more competitiveness, the Shoot for Fun event offers a more laid back and fun experience for its attendees and volunteers.

“The community is wonderful,” said 40 year shooter and 3rd year attendee, Jim Hirsch. “I get up here and shoot maybe a half a dozen times this summer and everybody’s laid back. Nobody’s pushing any buttons until you miss a few shots.”

The event prides itself on its fun yet competitive nature, and is excited for the 26th edition next year.