Up North: Intro to archery classes with Duluth Parks and Recreation

The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation program put on an intro to archery class this month to teach individuals from eight and up range safety and proper technique that goes into the sport.

“It’s good just to learn the basics, the basic Genesis bows that we have are common in gym classes across the country. There’s lots of different schools that have teams and leagues including school sport options or athletic options. So, the bows we have don’t have sites or any specialized equipment that help with aiming. So, it really forces you to practice, and repetition is what helps your skills improve,” said Recreation Specialist Sam Werle.

Participants not only learned the basic safety technique and process for shooting archery but also got a chance to test their skills in archery games and challenges.

“It’s really something to get them out and get them to try something new. Maybe they’ll find something they love or maybe they’ll learn they don’t love it. Still, it’s worth getting off the couch to try to,” said participant Tate Haglund-Pagel.

The introductory class provided families and community members an ease of access into the activity, providing everyone with all the equipment they needed, free of charge.

“All I want to do is at least hit the blue. All I want to do is mostly hit the blue by the red. If I get anything closer, that will still be great,” added siblings Odessa and Ripley Haglund-Pagel.

Once participants have completed an intro class, club, or camp they then have the option to register for open archery and more advanced lessons.

“We have a few people on our staff that are certified by the National Archery in the Schools Program, which also allows us to do community programing like this…….We get some people that just do an intro class or we’ll have some folks that do an intro class, and then after that they come back for open archery and archery club to get some more practice without having to learn as much as the first night,” concluded Werle.

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