Up North: Glass Pumpkin Hunt takes Northlanders around Duluth

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Taking an Easter tradition and giving it Halloween twist is exactly what the Lake Superior Art Glass did this past weekend with their third annual Pumpkin Hunt.

Imagine hiking around Duluth during Halloween weekend and finding a glass pumpkin, no it’s not a trick but a treat put on by the shop. Where they provided clues and hiding locations to nine solid glass pumpkins.

“Majority of them are candy pumpkins, which are really small ones. They’re solid glass. This year we also have a blown one as our final. They have to solve a riddle to get this one,” claimed Lake Superior Art Glass General Manager Amber Nichols.

The goal wasn’t to only collect the pumpkins but too have fun in nature. Going on a scavenger hunt and hike around Duluth where the old saying still applied, ‘finder’s keepers’.

“They get to keep them, there’s no charge for the event. We wanted something that was free and fun that families or individuals could come and have a really fun day in Duluth. Just be able to see all these different locations,” said Nichols.

The pumpkins were hidden everywhere from Chambers Grove, to Brighton Beach, and back at Chester Creek. Some of the hidden trinkets even placed in tricky nooks and crannies.  

“My daughter found one in a tree where somebody was standing underneath it. Then my son found one in the gazebo at the Rose Garden,” claimed Duluth native Jennifer Kuchar.

“It was really fun running around and trying to find all the stuff and the pumpkins were really cool to find, especially since they’re different colors and some of them are designed different ways,” added Trista Kuchar.