Up North: 9Round fitness offers women only self-defense class

Up North: 9Round fitness offers women only self defense class

Up North: 9Round fitness offers women only self defense class

According to the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, 1 in every 3 women are victims of a physical attack.

While items like pepper spray and safety alarms are helpful, self-defense classes are not only an opportunity to learn how to protect yourself, but to get some energy out too.

9Round fitness in Duluth offers multiple kickboxing classes a day, but this past Monday, they held a women’s only self-defense class.

“I came to 9Round after a big transition in my life and I wanted to build kind of a sense of community and get into shape,” said Jacqueline Wicklund, a participant of the self defense class. “I really felt like I wanted to fit into my clothes better, and I’ve always wanted to try kickboxing because I have a lot of energy that I’ve always wanted to get out.”

9Round offers women’s only self defense classes led by Curtis Horner, who has been learning self-defense his whole life through Kempo Karate and Ju-Jitsu. Horner is a 3rd degree black belt in both and has been teaching it since he was 14. At 9Round though, you don’t need to have that level of skill.

“It’s really great after work or just after a long day to just kind of punch it out and be around people that I like,” said Wicklund.

The techniques taught in the class are used by police and military personnel. Having that background instills confidence in the participants.

“For us ladies at the gym, which is kind of its own little community, it’s really nice to build confidence when you’re out and about on your own and just be able to to know you have the strength to kind of do those things. If anything ever happened that you’d be able to defend yourself,” said Wicklund.

The link to classes at 9Round can be found here.