Up North: 25th Annual Cause for the Paws 5K is top dog

Up North: 25th annual Cause for the Paws 5K

Up North

On Saturday, dog owners celebrated the 25th Cause for the Paws 5K put on by the Humane Society of Douglas County.

The event was a chance for owners and their canine companions to get out and enjoy some early fall weather for a good reason.

“It’s a way to just get out, walk your dog, be healthy and have some fun,” said Humane Society of Douglas County Fundraising and Events Coordinator, Cherie Fitch.

Participants were encouraged to bring their furry friends to the event, but no one was hounded to finish the 5K.

“We have people who don’t finish the whole 5K and there’s no judgment here, but we have people who are real hard core racers and they’ll come blast in across the finish line,” said Fitch.

Just like humans, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and that means they need their exercise too.

“One day, he logged 21 miles and one day. So, walking doesn’t really do a lot with him,” said dog owner and two-time Cause for the Paws event attendee, Jim Kioski. “He’s got to run, you know?”

The event raised $6,800, and all of that money goes back to the pets at the humane society.

To make a donation to the Humane Society of Douglas County or to see when their next pet friendly event is, click here.