New precaution for Minnesota Hunting Season

New precaution for Minnesota Hunting Season

A new precaution is required of hunters this season, which involves putting orange on ground blinds.

The Minnesota Firearms deer season arrives tomorrow!

At this point, ammunition has been bought up, snacks gathered, and safety equipment should have been bought. Harnesses for tree stands and blaze orange clothing, but beware of a new precaution required of hunters.

“If you hunt out of the ground blind, a portable ground line like a pop up, you have to put orange on it this year,” said Former Minnesota Deer Hunters Association board member Brad Trevena. “You have to either have a cap on it or one inch squares on all four sides.”

As a reminder, know your target and what is beyond it. Make sure what you’re aiming at is actually a deer, and one you have a permit for. Additionally, check that no person or other animal is behind it.