MLB teams to play all 29 opponents under ’23 balanced schedule

NEW YORK (AP) – Every Major League Baseball team will play each other in the same season for the first time next year as the sport switches to its first balanced schedule since 2000. The move comes as a result of the format switch agreed to in the March lockout settlement.

Twin Cities affiliate KSTP shared what this means for the Minnesota Twins in 2023.

According to the team, the Twins will open the season on the road, playing an opening day game on Thursday, March 30 against the Kansas City Royals.

After that match-up, the Twins are set to face the Miami Marlins. Then, the Twins will host the Houston Astros at Target Field on April 6.

The 2023 schedule features 16 home games in the month of April, 12 in May, 14 in June, 12 in July, 15 in August and 12 in September, according to the team.

The Twins will host 41 of 81 home games between Memorial Day (May 29) and Labor Day (Sept. 4).

Additionally, for the second consecutive season, all Twins weekday (Monday-Thursday) night games throughout the 2023 season will have a 6:40 p.m. scheduled first pitch.

The full breakdown of Minnesota’s 2023 opponents, under Major League Baseball’s new scheduling format, can be found below:

American League

  • Baltimore Orioles – six games (three home / three away)
  • Boston Red Sox – seven games (four home / three away)
  • Chicago White Sox – 13 games (six home / seven away)
  • Cleveland Guardians – 13 games (seven home / six away)
  • Detroit Tigers – 13 games (six home / seven away)
  • Houston Astros – six games (three home / three away)
  • Kansas City Royals – 13 games (seven home / six away)
  • Los Angeles Angels – six games (three home / three away)
  • New York Yankees – seven games (three home / four away)
  • Oakland Athletics – six games (three home / three away)
  • Seattle Mariners – seven games (three home / four away)
  • Tampa Bay Rays – six games (three home / three away)
  • Texas Rangers – seven games (four home / three away)
  • Toronto Blue Jays – six games (three home / three away)

National League

  • Arizona Diamondbacks – three games (three home)
  • Atlanta Braves – three games (three away)
  • Chicago Cubs – three games (three home)
  • Cincinnati Reds – three games (three away)
  • Colorado Rockies – three games (three away)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers – three games (three away)
  • Miami Marlins – three games (three away)
  • Milwaukee Brewers – four games (two home / two away)
  • New York Mets – three games (three home)
  • Philadelphia Phillies – three games (three away)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – three games (three home)
  • San Diego Padres – three games (three home)
  • San Francisco Giants – three games (three home)
  • St. Louis Cardinals – three games (three away)
  • Washington Nationals – three games (three home)

A calendar of home games and their start times can be found here.