Duluth FC set to play FC Columbus in playoffs

The Duluth FC Bluegreens have concluded their regular season, going undefeated at home. 

The team will now have home field advantage against FC Columbus in the 2022 NPSL Midwest Region Quarterfinals, an advantage along with their own play that the team hopes to use in the playoffs. 

“Having looked at some of the teams that we will potentially come across in playoffs, we have to be a little bit more organized when we counter attack. I think that will play a large part in the coming week,” said head coach Sean Morgan.

“The chemistry is very high we are like a brotherhood. Everyone has each others backs and everyone is putting in training every single day. It was like a breath of fresh air coming here, and developing a new game plan. I have really enjoyed it, and I have become a better person and a better player,” added defender Cian Gantley.

The first playoff match is set for Tuesday July 19th at Public Schools Stadium. Kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. for tickets CLICK HERE.