Cook County’s Dressley, Duluth East’s McHenry finish first at Section 7 Alpine ski meet

At the Section 7 Alpine ski meet Tuesday at Giants Ridge Cook County’s Ray Dressley finished first for the boy’s and Duluth East’s Veronica McHenry finished first for the girls.

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Dressley, a Grand Marais native, finished with a championship combined score of 1:15.43.

“The snow was great. It’s nice to have this warm weather, it’s been really cold and really icy, it’s nice to have a change. I think there’s some good course sets that really helped me out and I think that’s what led me to win,” Dressel said. “We’re a small school and I think we really showed everybody today what we’re capable of.”

Cook County’s Cy Oberholtzer snagged third place with Duluth East’s Erik Carlson claiming fifth with a score of 1:19.18.

“First run I really just got knocked off my feet. I hipped out, slid on my hip for a little bit and then hooked my skis back up and thought I was a lot farther off but only two seconds off the pace,” Carlson shared. “Then the second run went a lot better, I think I had the second fastest time.”

It was a great showing for the Greyhounds. Elisabeth Bergan claimed second on the girls side right behind her teammate, girls champion and Duluth East’s own, Veronica McHenry with a score of 1:19.72.

“Both of (the runs) I felt really, really nervous,” McHenry said. “Just cause my senior year it’s my last chance, I really wanted to make it to state. I’ve made it so far, all of high school, and I wanted the last year for it to be a good last year. It went well for me today, but it was really nerve wracking.”

State qualifying teams and skiers will return to Giants Ridge for the State Alpine ski meet next Tuesday in Biwabik.

The top two boys teams were Cook County and Blaine, and the top two girls teams were Cook County and Duluth East. For full results from the Section 7 ski meet, Click Here.


1. Ray Dressley, Cook County

3. Cy Oberholtzer, Cook County

5. Erik Carlson, Duluth East

7. Veronica McHenry, Duluth East

9. Goshi Dimitrov, Cook County

10. Graham Oberholtzer, Cook County

11. Elisabeth Bergan, Duluth East

12. Kalina Dimitrova, Cook County

13. Adam Vinopal, Hibbing

14. Samuel Hendricks, Duluth East