Beyond the Playbook: Rock Ridge’s Lamppa sisters lighting it up on the court

Beyond the playbook: Rock Ridge’s Lamppa sisters lighting it up on the court

Beyond the playbook: Rock Ridge’s Lamppa sisters lighting it up on the court

When teams see Rock Ridge girl’s basketball on their schedule, they know they’ve got their hands full with the Lamppas.

The trio of sisters have ripped through the regular season thus far, sitting at 17-2, just one game short of their 18 win season last year. 

For the Lamppas, playing together is all they know, and that level of chemistry is what has made them so dominant.

“It’s obviously better playing with people you’re really close to and you get to know each other on a different level, so it’s fun to have a connection with them on the court,” said Maija Lamppa, a sophomore guard. “You’re always like, on the same page with them.”

“It’s normal to me,” said Alexis Lamppa, sophomore guard and twin to Maija. “We’ve been playing since fourth grade together. I guess it’s just normal, never had anything without a sibling playing.”

“We know each other more than anybody else,” said senior guard Emma Lamppa, the oldest of the sisters on Rock Ridge. “It’s definitely different chemistry there, but it’s fun. We’re just such good friends throughout everything and it’s just been fun working with all of them.”

For Emma Lamppa, the oldest of the three sisters, she’s not only stepped into a leadership role with her sisters, but with the other players on the team as well.

“It’s a huge role to have,” said Emma. “I like that everybody looks up to me. I like being able to provide insight to help the younger ones that I love.”

Even though the twins, Maija and Alexis are younger, they too know the importance of leading their team and getting each player involved.

“It feels like we’re all siblings,” said Alexis. “We’re all so close, it doesn’t really matter. Everyone’s going to score baskets if they’re open.

“I think we’re a very fast team,” added Maija. “All of us can run up and down the court, but I think we have a variety of skills, good shooters, good post, good ball handlers, a variety of people.”

For the Lamppas and Rock Ridge, big things are ahead.

“Our first year was our first year together and first year going to the playoffs together and just not having the experience of being in that moment, knowing what that feels like and knowing how it feels. We just want to win the section.”

With the way things have gone this season, there’s no telling where the trio will go.