9th Annual Jack O’Brien Boxing Invitational

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When you think about boxing, does Minnesota or Duluth come to the top of your mind? Well, if it doesn’t it’s okay because if you ask anyone, boxing is alive and pumping through the Northland.

“Oh, there’s no better feeling than getting on that underneath the lights in the ring and fighting in front of everybody. I got good support, so as always, I appreciate that. I’m looking forward to bringing another win at home,” said Super Walter Weight 154 boxer Danny Huffman.

Danny “Lionheart” Huffman and other competing boxers will get the chance to get a win in the ring on March 10 at the 9th annual Jack O’Brian Invitational at the Garden in Duluth.

Jungle Boy Boxing owner and Head Coach Zach Walter shares how to him this is not just an annual event; there is a deeper meaning and message for him.”The Jack O’Brian Invitational is really, really fun for me on a personal level because Jack O’Brien was one of my coaches. He’s also like a grandfather figure to me and took a lot of time to mentor me and train me so that the kind of basic boxing style that I teach my boxers comes down to the fundamentals that he ingrained in me day after day after day.”

For boxers like Rondale Hubbert and Huffman, having the opportunity to fight in front of family and friends provides a different meaning and vibe that they can’t get on the road.

“It’s a whole different world when you have everybody there screaming your name and cheering on. I’m used to getting booed when I walk out here. I’m fighting somebody in their backyard with all their fans, and I have nobody. When I look into the crowd and nobody was there, no familiar faces. So it is hard to fight in those environments. So I’m just looking forward to actually being home again.”

There is some weight and a little bit of history for Hubert that will come when he steps inside the ring.

“This guy is coming out of retirement. He’s took some time off, but before he took some time off, he was really solid and a good fighter. So it’s a big opportunity for me as far as if I can get this win, it’s a big win. So it’s been built up. We were supposed to fight almost ten years ago. It never happened you know, so like it’s a good fight as far as for Minnesota two champions fighting each other.”

The 9th annual Jack O’Brian Invitational will be held at the Garden in Duluth.