Real Ranger: Peggy Patrick and her thrift store fundraiser

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Peggy Patrick knew she didn’t want to see more empty storefronts in downtown Virginia. So when the Bootery moved out of the building, which she and her husband own, she brought in some crafty friends to bring in some merchandise for the windows.

And that grew into an idea to open a thrift shop with a department store feel. She, along with some friends, made it all possible, and the doors opened in June of 2021.

"We like to say we have things that cost .25, and the most expensive thing we sold was $350," Patrick shared.

Her friend, Claudia Skalko, said it’s nice to have an option for a department store, since the town doesn’t have one anymore. "It fills the void, and it’s fun. We never know what you’re going to find, and never know who you’ll see here," Skalko said. She’s also a volunteer.

All the proceeds go to the MPN Research Foundation, which helps people with rare blood cancers. "Our son has one of these unusual blood cancers, and my husband and I have been familiar with the foundation for mant years," Patrick said.

They’ve been able to donate more than $26,000 to the foundation since the doors opened.

"Just knowing that everything donated to her, is going to a wonderful cause, is so great," added Cindy Bird, another friend and volunteer.

Plus, they’ve been able to connect with others who’ve gone through the same types of cancers. "It’s been so meaningful. We’ve met people from International Falls and across the Range," Patrick said. "It gives me shivers."

They’ll be open again on Friday.

The normal hours are Tuesday and Thursday, 11am-4pm.

323 Chestnut Street in downtown Virginia.

For more details, head to their Facebook page.