2 falafel products sold at ALDI recalled after possible E. Coli exposure

ALDI and its supplier Cuisine Innovations Unlimited have voluntarily recalled two products due to a potential exposure to E. Coli. The grocery store chain says consumers should discard Earth Grown Vegan Traditional Falafel and Garlic & Herb Falafel products.

The grocery store chain says customers can also return the products to a local ALDI for a full refund. View pictures of the product packaging below.

The affected products are:

  • Traditional Falafels, 12 oz. box, UPC Code: 4099199224337, Lot Code All
  • Garlic & Herb Falafels, 12 oz. box, UPC Code: 4099100224344, Lot Code All

Customers who have been impacted by this recall or who would like additional information can call the supplier at 1-201-439-1036, Ext. 26.

The FDA confirms the two falafel products have been sold at stores in many states, including Minnesota and Wisconsin, and at least 20 people have gotten sick.

“There have been 20 reported cases in six (6) states (FL, IA, KS, MI, OH and WI) with onset dates reported between July 24, 2022 and September 19, 2022 with 5 hospitalization and no deaths,” the FDA posted on Oct. 7.

ALDI has removed the products from its stores, and suppliers have not resumed production at this time.

Symptoms of an E. Coli infection are stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. The FDA says most groups will not become seriously ill upon exposure, but elderly people, children and immunocompromised people should be cautious. Visit the CDC for more information regarding symptoms and treatment.