Mont Du Lac Hosts Ice Cross World Championship

Emily Ness
Updated: January 18, 2020 10:53 PM

On Saturday, Mont Du Lac hosted their 6th annual Ice Cross World Championship. This year, racers representing 18 countries participated in the event that many have to see to believe.


“It's unbelievable,” Mitch Hiner, a spectator at the event said. “Up top, they fly over the jump and people are doing like 360’s and tail grabs and stuff. That's where it's exciting and then it actually gets intense as they come down.”

Daniel Guolla of Canada has been racing for ten years. He said that it is always a pleasure coming to Mont Du Lac.

“The Minnesota crew, the Wisconsin crew, they do a really good job and it's really well rounded. We have a ton of fun,” Guolla said.

For one racer, it was his first time in Wisconsin and his first race.

“I love it; it’s very exciting,” Rifat Nazzyrov of Kazakhstan said. “It kind of reminds me of upstate New York because it's snowing so much, but I love it; it's beautiful. The trees, the forest, everything! People are very nice.”

Nazzyrov came to the United States to pursue a dream of playing hockey after high school, but found ice cross instead.

“I’m pretty sure I am the first ever athlete from Kazakhstan,” Nazzyrov said. “Sadly, I fell in the very first race, but then juniors, I got to the next round so I’m pretty excited.”

During the race, competition can get fierce.

“Everyone's here to win,” Guolla said. “Everyone trains all year to be in shape and to get better every year and we do keep getting better every year like the level of competition just keeps going up and up.”

Despite competition, racers maintain it is important to have fun. Brittani Colucci of the Twin Cities said what matters most to her is that she doesn’t give up.

“I always tell myself no matter how fast or slow you go, what matters is that you don't give up and you have fun doing it. I did that so I accomplished my goal,” Colucci said.

As racers fly down the hill, spectators are amazed by it all.

“My buddies are hockey guys and stuff, but it's a different animal watching some of this ice racers with the cracked ice and stuff. You hit one corner wrong and you're done, but it was a lot of fun to watch so far,” Kevin Folman, spectator said.


Emily Ness

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