Update: CEO of Cliffs said he’s confident Hibtac will run for decades

The mine life at Hibbing Taconite has been a challenge for years. But the CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs, Lourenco Goncalves, said he is confident that the mine will run for years.

Goncalves said it is business as usual, and the potential closure of 2024 is not accurate.

He told WDIO that working with state lawmakers, the DNR, and Governor Walz, he’s confident they can get access to the minerals in Nashwauk, and keep Hibtac going for decades.

Over 700 people work there. The union has been trying to prepare their members in case it closes someday.

There is a rally coming up on Saturday to try and get the message out to save Hibtac.

This is a developing story.