U.S. Steel announces they have received all non-U.S. regulatory approvals for deal with Nippon

One week after celebrating the DR-grade pellet project at Keetac, U.S. Steel provided an update about their proposed deal with Nippon Steel.

The company said they have received all non-U.S. regulatory approvals for the transaction.

Those include: 1) Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission 2) Mexican Federal Economic Competition Commission 3) Serbian Competition Commission 4) Ministry of Economy of Slovakia 5) Turkish Competition Authority.

In addition, the United Kingdom Competition and Markets Authority confirmed that it had no further questions regarding the proposed transaction in response to the submission of a voluntary briefing paper.

The statement goes on to say that they still expect to close the deal in the second half of this year.

CEO Dave Burritt said at the DR-grade celebration that he has not discussed this with President Biden.

Biden has come out saying he believes U.S. Steel should remain a totally American company.