Wines for beer drinkers

Wines for beer drinkers

Wine Cellar Winery in Superior produces and handcrafts all their own wine.

Jodi Hansen recently took over the Wine Seller Winery in Superior, and she enjoys helping people find a bottle of wine they’ll come back for again and again.

“We are a micro winery. We produce and handcraft all of our own wines. At any given moment, we usually have about 24 different styles that are available,” Hansen said.

With the local craft beer scene, she came up with a list of recommendations based on one’s favorite style of beer.

  • Pilsner/lager: Sauvignon blanc
  • Sour: Riesling
  • Stout: Red blend

And for those who just think wine is too bitter or pungent, she suggests they give a blueberry pinot noir a try.

“The Twin Ports loves its beers. And we have so many great breweries,” Hansen said. “But sometimes, you may find yourself in a position, maybe a dinner party, where beer is not an option. Or you’re going out with a group of friends, and you’ve got somebody who is not a beer drinker.”