What’s Brewing: Superior Craft Elixirs

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Superior Craft Elixirs are a non-alcoholic option for a canned beverage. It’s apple cider vinegar-based.

Originally called Superior Switchel, Sociable Cider Werks out of the Twin Cities bought them and rebranded as Superior Craft Elixir.

“She was making garage batches and distributing it in mason jars,” Jim Watkins with Sociable Cider Werks said, “and kind of fast forward and approached us about making a more commercially-ready version of the product.”

They’ve been canning it for three years now. There are two flavors of switchel: raspberry and hibiscus, and two other nonalcoholic options: ginger beer and tonic water.

“In terms of what the flavor profile is like, that little bit of apple cider vinegar gives it that tartness, so it has a little bit of the kombucha flavor, but without that kind of like really pungent smell that can be associated with kombucha,” Watkins explained.

Ursa Minor Brewing carries Superior Craft Elixir products. They can also be purchased on drinksuperior.com.