What’s Brewing: Earth Rider Bock Fest

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Earth Rider Brewery is bringing back Bock Fest March 10-11.

“It’s kind of a rite of spring,” Director of Brewing Frank Kaszuba said. “Bock beers are a German amber lager, a strong beer, really suited well for drinking in the springtime.”

They plan to have three bocks on tap at the Cedar Lounge for the celebration.

“We’ll have a Helles Bock, or a lighter-colored bock … as well as our Honey Bock, which is more widely available, and then our Navigator Dopplebock,” Kaszuba said. “So you can have any of those three beers poked if you would like to or just drink them straight up.”

“Poking” is sticking a hot metal rod into the beer to caramelize some of the sugars.

“Some beer styles lend themselves better to poking than others,” Kaszuba said. “Think about toasted marshmallow flavors and how enjoyable that is. And if it’s a little bit cool outside, it warms up the beer just a little bit and puts just this little bit of a creamy head on it as well.”

Earth Rider will have live music, bonfires, and even a Sunday brunch for Bock Fest 2023.

Find more information and a link for tickets on the event page.