What’s Brewing: Blacklist bringing back live music, summer flavors

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Blacklist Brewing Co. is getting ready to bring back live music and summer flavors.

Distribution Manager Tyler Schiroo says Blacklist is one of the only breweries in this area that can a seltzer. They make a blueberry basil year-round, but if you go into the taproom, they have a “blank” seltzer.

“Vikre Distillery in town makes a bunch of our flavors for us,” Schiroo said. “We’re developing a new menu, so we could do mojitos for the summer, we could do Old Fashioneds, Manhattans.”

They’re also bringing live music back to the taproom.

“We haven’t had live music basically since COVID,” Schiroo said. “We were pretty much at capacity already with people. So trying to take the space that a band would take up in the old space, we knew we had to move.”

See the tap list, shop, or book axe throwing on blacklistbeer.com.