What’s Brewing: Bent Paddle Cann-A-Lounge

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Bent Paddle has found a new purpose for its old taproom.

It’s officially open as the “Cann-A-Lounge,” a space just for the brewery’s and others’ CBD and THC products.

With the Minnesota legislature allowing low-dose hemp products, Bent Paddle made a couple of low-dose hemp sparkling waters, and we came up with this idea for this Cann-A-Lounge and market,” Bent Paddle co-founder Laura Mullen said. “So now we’re going to be having sparkling waters and a market for hemp-based products.”

No beer is served in the lounge on W Michigan St., but it is a 21+ space.

“We’ll be having our beverages, which are THC- and CBD-based beverages, all hemp. Ours are 100% Minnesota-made, non-synthetic, Delta 9,” Mullen described. “Different levels, so there’s like a 2-milligram water with a Hawaiian Pog flavor and a 5-milligram THC water, which is mango tangerine.”

For those who haven’t tried something like this before, Mullen says everyone experiences them differently.

“I like to say there’s a bubbly effect. Ours is all water-soluble product, and so it kind of hits a little faster within 20-30 minutes. Everybody is different, though,” she said.” “You might feel a little bit of a body high, a little tingly, a little zoney, artistic, all of the things.”

The Cann-A-Lounge is open from 4:20-10 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

“Also, our budtenders — like beertenders — are really knowledgeable people,” Mullen said. “So if you’re like unsure about this whole new kind of world order for Minnesota to have THC and hemp-based products, they’re here to help and answer tons of questions in a really friendly, safe space.”