Upping your curb appeal

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First impressions matter. For those us thinking of selling our homes, Kevin Kalligher, a realtor for RE/MAX Results, tell us we should consider upping our curb appeal.

Kalligher defines curb appeal as the exterior value of the home. It can inspire the confidence of a buyer. “I’ve had buyers completely skip viewing a property based on what it looks like on the outside,” he says.

Tip No. 1: Improve your landscaping

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to improve landscaping. You can start with the small stuff like pulling your weeds, adding fresh mulch, and trimming you shrubbery. “There’s nothing better than freshly manicures, mowed lawn,” Kalligher tells us.

Tip No. 2: Update your front entryway

“What’s really been hot lately is a bright red or a blue,” Kalligher tell us. If you have an old wood door, you can sand it down and varnish it. That’s if you have the time. If don’t, you can always spruce up the place with a brand new doormat.

Tip No. 3: Wash your windows

Sometimes when we live in spaces, we can overlook our how clean our windows are. So give them a good wash, and we’re talking about both sides. Rain can collect on windows, and those of us with pets, those kisses can end up on the glass.

Tip No. 4: Clean out your gutters

Cleaning out your gutters will not only help improve their function, but also could save you some time selling.

Tip No. 5: Power washing

Power wash your decks, patios, your driveway. “When you’ve got a build up of potentially mildew, rust, and mud and gunk from your vehicles… It’s good to get that cleaned and washed away,” Kalligher tells us.

If you’re not sure where to start, take a walk from the bottom of the driveway to the top. Make a list of what you notice and try to tackle those items.