Three ways to make the transition back to school stress-free

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We all have different ways of navigating transitions and change. With the return to school all sorts of emotions can be present all at once. Stacy Crawford M.S. Ed. is the owner of Klear Water Wellness, LLC. She’s a Strengths Coach, Educator, and Wellness Coach.

So educators, students, and parents- these tips are for you:

Tip No. 1: Appreciate the differences

We all have different perspectives, and this makes the world a better place. We should accept these emotions as the come and go. Stacy tell us, “We need all styles. We need people who are good at change or a little bit more ambivalent to help us under stand the big picture.”

Tip No. 2: Create a predictable routine

This suggestion can be whatever works best for the individual. It should feel comforting and calm. For young kids, try picking out their clothes the night before or sign a song together. Teacher might want spend 3 minutes breathing with their class before the day starts. “It can really be anything,” Stacy adds.

Tip No. 3: Breathe

We’re obviously all pretty good at breathing because we’re all here. But 6 soft belly breathes can make a huge difference. “What I’m inviting is an intentionality around it so one the the things that’s important about it is this extra long exhale” Stacy told us. “It sends our body the- all is calm message.” Stacy also adds we should not to judge ourselves if we can’t get the hang of mindfully breathing. For more resources visit the Klear Water Wellness.