Things are looking fluffy at Frosty Ridge Alpacas

Frosty Ridge Alpacas

Two Alpacas from the Frosty Ridge farm visit with The Lift.

Lonie and Horst Blumerich started Frosty Ridge Alpacas 20 years ago to supplement their retirement, “We started with nothing. We knew nothing about animals. We’re not farmers, but I wanted to do something on the land and live on a farm.”

After a few years of research, they started with 6 alpacas, and now they have 27, plus one llama. Four of the farm’s females are expecting this summer.

The alpacas are extra fluffy in their full coats because Shearing Day is next week, Wednesday, May 24, which starts at 8 a.m..

“The fleece takes a year to grow, and they get shorn just once a year. And we do it just before Summer because these guys cannot tolerate summer heat in full fleece. Their coats are extremely insulated.”

Frosty Ridge is still looking for volunteers to help with Sheering Day. Alpacas from other smaller farms will be coming to make a total of 85 animals being shorn.

This is their harvest. “Once the wool is shorn, it is ready to be processed into various different forms. We take their finest fiber and process that into yarn to sell that.”

Frosty Ridge is open Saturday 1 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sunday 11 am. – 6 p.m.- or by appointment weekdays.